Hay Fever– springing to life with a great cast

Noel Coward’s   comedy of style and manners Hay Fever is this year’s Month of Sundays in   August performance.You are   invited to spend a weekend with the “Blissfully badly behaved Bliss Family”   in their country home.  Each Sunday  afternoon in August at 3pm.

The cast features:

Anna Swift as Judith Bliss;

Tim Lancaster as Simon Bliss;

Rose Parker as Sorel   Bliss;

Paul Flynn as David Bliss;

Jackson Balme as Sandy Tyrell;  (with Ethan Redmond as understudy for Sandy)

Cat Hadler as Myra Arundel;

Kasey Kennedy as Jackie Coryton;

Bob Hitchens as Richard Greatham;

Margaret   Bannister as Clara;

Director Fay Walters, along with Clancy Alpert, has the talented cast hard at work in rehearsals to bring to life this stylised and highly entertaining comedy – an ideal show for the popular August Month of Sunday slot.

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