Are you interested in Jazz??

berlin piano

Jean Haste, at the 2AAA FM radio station, ran an Irving Berlin  jazz evening recently on the radio. This is what she had to say in the program….

Hello Jazzos

Although you may not think of Irving Berlin’s music whenever you think of
Jazz, I expect that you do enjoy many of the songs he wrote.

So, this is an opportunity for you to hear some of his very popular songs.
Nicky Ingram is the Musical director and will be the pianist.  Remember the
great jazz we have heard Nicky play at Jazz Junction a few years ago?

Then there are the talented Wagga actors, singers and dancers who will be
performing. Wagga School of Arts SoACT is presenting the show.

Bookings are at the Wagga Commercial Club (02 6921 3012) or on the Club’s
website. Tickets are $35.

I hope many of you take the opportunity to see this show.

Cheers and, dare I say, Happy Christmas

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