2017 Ten by 10 – Daily Dilemmas

Very successful auditions for the Riverina Water Ten X 10 Play Fest presented by the Wagga School of Arts were held on Saturday last. The ten directors involved were delighted with the actors available to be cast and now the rehearsal period can commence in full swing.

The festival featuring ten 10 minute plays, will be staged at the Nathan Room of the Wagga Commercial Club on June 16,17, and 18. This is the ninth year of this popular short play festival. A total of 57 entries were received from more than 20 playwrights, with three assessors whittling them down to a final ten selections.

This year’s plays cover a variety of themes and characters, and promise plenty of entertainment for audiences.  Under the theme of Daily Dilemmas, the plays include the problems of house renovations, bad behaviour at a garden club meeting, do men or women bet better roles in theatre, prayer in an automat call centre style. How does a checkout operator think about her job? Unexpected twists in the daily order of a coffee; who are the three extraordinary women seen away from the spotlight?

Directors and actors are now bringing these and other scripts to life so audiences can look forward to a varied night of theatre at the 2017 Ten x 10 PlayFest.

Bookings open on 29th May at the Wagga Commercial Club 10 am to 4 pm weekdays.

For further information contact Fay Walters 0418 681 150 or the SoACT office on 02 6921 2594

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