The first production in the 2019 160th Anniversary Year for Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre is LOVEBiTES a Musical Revue written by James Millar and Peter Rutherford.

SCOBELL’S PLUMBING is presenting this first production which is being performed in the February Fun Days Slot. – Sunday’s in February commencing on 3rd.

The director is Melissa Donges, a well know actor, singer, dancer and choreographer and SoACT is delighted that she has volunteered to direct this show as it is full of songs, dance and great comedy.

Auditions have taken place and the cast has been chosen resulting in a very talented ensemble. The cast are Iain Wright, Leah Ellis, Dominic Hort, Tim Phillips, Jessica Brodie, David Downey and Mel Donges.

The Musical Director is a newcomer to Wagga Hannah Caterer, and Choreography is being undertaken by Director Mel Donges.

This show is all song and dance, and will be one of the highlights of theatre in Wagga in 2019.

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