Witness For The Prosecution

Wagga RSL/Commercial Club presents the second production on the Wagga School of Arts calendar for 2019,  “WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION” by Agatha Christie,  directed by Julian Smith and has a cast of experienced well known actors and some newcomers.

Based on a 1925 short story and much adapted for screens big and small, Christie’s play is easily her most ingenious.  A trial is the essence of the plot and the accused Leonard Vole, played by Jackson Balme, is full of misinformation, lies and some devious plotting by the women he has encountered.

The play’s appeal lies not just in its mystery but in its courtroom formality and its reminder that the law itself is a theatrical ritual:  apart from the dressing – up, the rival counsels are engaged in an ostentatious personal battle in which they shamelessly appeal to the jury and seek to ingratiate themselves with the judge.

Witness for the Prosecution opens on Friday 5thApril at 7.30 pm.  Bookings are now open.  The cast includes, Tony Trench, Lauren Walker, Jackson Balme, Margaret Bannister, Kristil – Rae Mobbs, Jenny Ellis, Antonella Salvestro, Harry Nixon, Tony Woods, Logan Franklin, Adrian Hallam Tracey Lonergan, Craig Dixon.,Saasha Mc Millan. Audiences will be delighted with the surprise turn of events, when they become the jury for the trial.

DATES :   5th, 6th APRIL 7 30 PM  7THAPRIL 3 PM

12th, 13th APRIL 7.30 PM, 14th APRIL 3 PM


BOOKINGS– 02 6921 2594 OR on-line at http://www.soact.com.au

or via the following link: http://www.trybooking.com/454375

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