After the script has been chosen –

a. research the script and determine an overall theme

b. find a production team

c. Arrange to meet the production team at a social venue, and conduct a think tank and take all their details on a production crew form. Set a date for the first production meeting

d. Notify the Box office of the production dates and prices of admission. Arrange for the Civic Foyer to have a display for your show the day bookings open.


1. Production Manager

2. Stage Manager

3. Set and Costume Design

4. Publicity Design and Marketing

5. Props and Furniture

6. Crew to build set and assist backstage

7. Front of House Manager

8. Lighting Design and Rigging

9. Sound Design and Operator

10. Photographer and Graphic Designer

Ensure the production team members have a job description for their role (available from SOACT Office if required)




1. Set the audition dates,

2. Check with the office if these required dates are in fact free in terms of using the venue of SOACT

3. Set the date for invitations to auditions to be sent by.

4. Ensure that you have an audition timetable drawn up and left in the office to take bookings.

5. All auditionees must be asked to join SOACT.

6. After cast has been chosen, write a thank you to the cast and also the people who didn’t receive a part, if they have just joined as an auditionee offer them a free ticket to the show. The next step is to write a news release and submit this to the newspaper with the chosen cast and a brief outline of the play and who is directing.



Look at the dates set down for performances, check the community diary for any events set down that you could

a. Market your production

b. Attract the same audiences, incorporate them into your promo or shared promo possibilities. eg International Women’s day etc.



(this is a day by day calendar for the whole of the pre production dates)

On this schedule set your deadlines;

Eg. First news release, date for posters to be printed, date for paper ads to start, dates for costumes to be finalized,  date for set building to start etc.

Dates for invites to prospective audience to go out in the mail, date the first night comps go out, check with Jan in office that this is to be done and she will forward list to Box Office.





Put this together with the office administrator, to ensure the dates are all available and do not clash with any Civic Theatre production.



Once the budget is set, keep a copy in the office, on the wall with the listed items of the budget and the deductions from total allocated which then shows the balance.  This way you will always know if your show is running within budget.

All receipts from expense on the Debit Card to go to Jan at the Office for the treasurer. Keep a monthly report of the expenditure and the sponsorship.



Once the plan and theme is in place, and the deadlines set, liaise with a member of the publicity committee. You can always keep your ideas and themes at the fore, however assistance can be valuable.

Once the publicity and sponsors are in place organize your media launch for the production up to 3 week prior to opening, or the evening before bookings open.



It is essential that the Director or Production Manager report to the SOACT monthly meeting on the progress of the show.

Once the casting is complete, notify Jan at the office, the newsletter editor, newspaper and write a report for the monthly meeting.



If you require costumes from SOACT wardrobe, contact Robyn or Diana for assistance. Keep a list of costumes from wardrobe in the production managers book.





Ensure you nominate a manager, who has social skills and has a team that is welcoming. If a theme is nominated they will address this, they will also collect tickets from box office, organize the change and the programme sales.

Touring venues or club front of house, you will need change, which is organized from the office, ticket sale forms and name badges.



This is to be found in the office of the administrator, and the persons working on light and sound must record when the equipment is taken out of storage, the date and by whom, and when it is put back into storage.



Ensure all crew, cast, front of house and other media persons and businesses that have assisted in any small way receive a letter of thanks.


Essential to the success of all productions is to make sure copies of all paperwork and communications goes to the SOACT office (eg audition forms, new membership forms, receipts, reports, sponsorship details, mail out letters etc)

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