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The members of the SoACT Committee who are not placed in assigned positions (President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer) are responsible for:

  • assisting the aforementioned members in their roles;
  • ensuring communications between members of SoACT are represented on this committee;
  • assisting with the overall success of SoACT productions through their support; and encouragement of any project chosen to be undertaken through the monthly meetings and decisions made at such meetings.


Position Responsibilities



  • SoACT productions
  • Monthly committee meetings
  • Annual general meetings


Receiving and responding to as required:

  • Monthly and annual administrative reports
  • Monthly and annual financial reports
  • Agendas and minutes for monthly, annual and special meetings
  • Regular correspondence sent to SoACT members
  • Additional correspondence from committee members in relation to SoACT business which cannot be held over until the next regular meeting


Assisting with the production of shows through:

  • Requirements as requested by the Director or Production Manager e.g. assistance with set and props, costumes.
  • Support and encouragement of cast and crew throughout the rehearsal period
  • Involvement in production when required, such as assisting new directors
  • Actively promoting and marketing upcoming or current productions, particularly through word-of-mouth, within the Wagga community.
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