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Presented by Scobell’s Plumbing, Betrayal will be the only drama performed in the 2017 season by Wagga School of Arts…SoACT and is a  bold and exciting piece of theatre by Harold Pinter

Betrayal is  directed by well known experienced director Fay Walters.

The theme of the play is the age old eternal triangle of love and relationships. The script is a bold piece of theatre that describes the complex web of lies and deceit that are spun over a seven year extra marital affair. The outstanding feature of the play is Pinter’s use of reverse chronology to bring the story to life for the audience. The first scene takes place once the affair has ended whilst the final scene occurs before the affair has begun..

Pinter uses some comedy in this play to add to the reality of situations that could be pain filled, but often reversed over a game of Squash.

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