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The president is responsible for representing SoACT to the public and maintaining relationships  inside and outside the organisation.


Position Responsibilities

Represent the organisation:

  • At events and functions
  • In negotiations affecting SoACT activities as an organisation e.g. council lease, hire and use of the Basement, and relationships/negotiations with other community organisations
  • In maintaining relationships with Civic Theatre management and staff and negotiating production dates



  • Agendas for regular committee meetings
  • Agendas for special and annual meetings
  • President’s Report for monthly newsletter



  • Committee meetings
  • Special meetings
  • Annual general meeting



  • Meeting minutes
  • Action sheets
  • Official correspondence
  • Small expenditure of up to $200 for circumstances such as urgent repairs and/or purchase of equipment and fittings; special functions and public activities



  • Financial matters
  • Formal letters to sponsors, members and other organisations



  • Legal and corporate obligations are met (reports, responses etc.)
  • Strong and healthy relationships are maintained throughout the organisation
  • Strong and healthy relationships between SoACT and other community organisations and members
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