[slideshow]Hot on the heels of a successful production of Dial M for Murder, SoACT’s final production of the year was the hilarious Joe Orton farce, “LOOT”.
LOOT was an impressive choice, having been voted ‘the best play of its time’ back in the mid-1970s.
It was a play of full-on action and lots of laughs as a family funeral and a robbery investigation collided head-on.
The director of LOOT was Cat Hadler, recently vacating the lead female role in Dial M for Murder to don her director’s hat. She also played the role of Fay in LOOT.
A fine cast of local talent were selected for the other roles, with Tony Trench playing the widower Mr McLeavey, Elias Jamieson Brown playing Hal, and Jackson Balme playing Dennis. Representing the long arm of the law was Truscott and Meadows, played by Deri Hadler and Mika Luckins respectively.
LOOT  ran for eight performances in the Basement Theatre – Thursday to Sunday 4th October to 14th October.