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The Directors, Louise and Denis Blackett invite you to come to the second round of auditions for this years August Month of Sunday’s production by SoACT.
When:    Sunday May 29th 
Where:   Basement Theatre
Time:     3.30pm to 5.30pm
These will be the final auditions before casting.
Just turn up or
Book at the SoACT office on 02 6921 2594 or Email: 
[email protected]
Easy Virtue is a three-act play by Noël Coward. He wrote it in 1924 when he was 25 years old, and it is his 16th play. The play had a successful first run in New York in 1925 and then opened in London in 1926. It has been revived several times since and made into a film twice—in 1928 and 2008.
In tone and style, Easy Virtue is essentially a drawing room melodrama, with flourishes of the signature wit which would later be identified with him. The central characters of the play are John Whittaker and Larita, the American divorcée he has just married to his mother’s great disapproval.

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