Rehearsals are under way for the Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre and their October production of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily presented by Wagga RSL/Commercial Clubs.

This production is under the direction of Josh Steadman, who has returned to Wagga after an absence of some years.  Josh is assisted by Margaret Bannister for this production. In casting Sherlock Holmes, Josh has selected a cast of well-known actors, some returning to SoACT after some years.  Iain Wright is one of these actors and he is in the role of Sherlock Holmes.

As the final production in the very successful 2018 season this show promises to deliver top entertainment coupled with some mystery and intrigue as the plot is revealed. Wagga School of Arts …SOACT has enjoyed sell out performances for most of the shows in 2018 so it is very important for our patrons to get their tickets early.

Bookings can be made now – online at or by phoning 02 6921 2594. or by going to the following link:

As Director, Josh Steadman brings to the show a wealth of experience and to have him on board for the final offering is a great bonus for the Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre.  As an actor Josh was last seen as Mr Rumbold in Are You Being Served.

Are You Being Served

SoACT’s next production hitting the boards is the ever popular  “Are You Being Served” by David Lloyd and David Croft.  This show had a long life run on British TV, from 1972 to 1985.

Set in a fictional Department Store, Grace Bros it revolves around sales in ladies, and gent’s departments. The comedy of the show keeps the laughter bubbling throughout and one can barely draw breath for the entire show.

Director Anna Swift has put together an excellent cast of experienced actors to play the very colourful roles.  The list actors include Lynden Clark, Patrick Kenny, Mel Donges, Shaun Perry, Blake Smith, Harry Nixon, Josh Steadman, Craig Dixon , Adrian Hallam, Antonella Salvestro, Amber – Rose Walker, Cassandra Nicholson, Damian Triulcio.

Bookings are now open for this wonderful comedy and tickets are selling very fast.  The show opens on Sunday 5thAugust at 3 pm and runs Sundays in August through to 26th. So make sure you are free!

To book your tickets, contact the office on 02 6921 2594 or visit the website on or click on the link below:

Design for Living

Flowing on from the “Sold Out” success of Dinkum Assorted, Wagga School of Arts has already cast their April Production Design for Living by Noel Coward and Directed by Fay Walters and sponsored by Mantra Pavilion Hotel.

The play is set in the 1930’s and is a colourful classic fashionable comedy with a twist. The actors in this play ages vary and the essential element is vocal delivery, sense of comedy and excellent timing.

The cast includes Jo Darby, Jackson Balme, Joel Hardy, Tony Trench,, Fiona Summerell, Kristil – Rae Mobbs, Blake Smith, Niamh Johnson, Josh Steadman, Chris Kanck..

The play will be performed as Theatre in the Round with a stunning set constructed by Chris Kanck.

Design for Living offers actors a challenge to embrace an era of style, savoir faire and a real contest between the bohemian talentocracy and moral orthodoxy.Opens on 27th April in the Basement Theatre

Design for Living – Audition Notice

A Special Invitation to Audition for “Design for Living” directed by Fay Walters.

A whirl of passions, exquisite poses and pain, travelling in style from Paris to London and New York each act.

                 Date: 20th January,2018

   Where: Library Community Room

Times: 10 am to 3.30 pm

Design for Living by Noel Coward is a brilliant 1930’s comedy of style, class and characters full of enthusiasm for life and fun.

Auditions for this production will be held on 20th January from 10 am through to 4 pm in half hour slots. We would be delighted to hear from you. Please phone the office on (02) 6921 2594 for an appointment.

Performances run end of April to early May in the Basement Theatre. Audition Pieces will be sent with your invitation. Ages of cast 20’s, 30’s 40’s plus.


Night and Day Ma Cherie

Me for you and you for me

We are living in the smart upper sets

Let other lovers sing their duets

Duets are made for the Bourgeois

But only God can make a trio

Dinkum Assorted

Hume Bank presents the Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre production of Dinkum Assorted in the February Fun Day Slot of 2018


Dinkum Assorted by Linda Aronson is the first production in the 2018 calendar of theatre for Wagga School of Arts SoACT. Directed by Diana Lovett, this play is probably the only play in the world written for a cast of fifteen women. Dinkum Assorted embraces the roles women had to undertake during the Second World War.

Set in an Australian country town biscuit factory this play shows how the all – female cast factory workers fight to save the factory. We see the hilarious and poignant adventures of these women working together with determination to succeed. They cry, laugh, sing, dance, become air raid wardens, put on a show for two thousand American airmen as part of their efforts to prove We Can Do It!

Margaret Davies is the Musical Director and the choreographer is Lee Kennedy. A cast of well known and new actors illustrate the colourful characters with great skill and dedication. Audiences will fall in love with these wonderful, talented and determined women.

Bookings open for Dinkum Assorted on 16th January, The season runs from February 4th through to February 25th. Every Sunday afternoon and two Sunday evenings.