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Dinkum Assorted

Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre are well under way with rehearsals for the first show of 2018. Travelling under the banner of
February Fun Days the show is sponsored by Hume Bank and is an Australian Iconic piece of musical comedy set in Australia during World War 2.
15 women of all ages ranging from 16 to 60 plus take over the running of an iconic Australian Biscuit Factory in the mid 1940’s in a small North Queensland town and put their backs into making it a success while their men are away fight the war.
Director Diana Lovett has selected a cast of some new faces as well as some well known ones. Diana has announced the final cast as: – Anna Swift, Tracy Osborne, Lynden Clark, Zoe Hadler, Imogen Hadler, Jenny Ellis, Mel Donges, Sharon Horner and Cassandra Nicholson. The musical director is Marg Davies and the choreographer is Lee Kennedy.
Dinkum Assorted opens the first Sunday in February for a month of Sunday performances, with two evening performance slots in the programme.

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