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Virtue Triumphs Again
Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre next production, Easy Virtue by Noel Coward is in rehearsal under the direction of Dennis and Louise Blackett.  This is a great coup for Wagga School of Arts to have these highly regarded theatre devotees taking on the director’s role.
They carefully selected their cast after a long line up of actors at auditions and are thrilled with the final casting.
IMG_0973                            IMG_0975
1) Dennis Blackett in directing Mode        2) Zoe Hadler and Denver Naude in rehearsal
The following actors have been selected:
Genevieve Fleming, Denver Naude, Bob Hitchens, Anna Swift, Zoe Hadler, Caroline Smith, Craig Dixon, Emily Gordon, Margaret Bannister, Tim Stait, Tamika–Jade Boyd, Blake Smith, Dylan Wintershaw, Rhonda Sharkey, and Debra Bartholomew.  A cast of 15, being the largest cast seen on the basement theatre stage for many years.
The play revolves around an English middle class family, completely convinced that its tidy view of the world is the only valid one. Whilst wit and humour are a strong part of the script, on a more general level, however the play is about how willing everyone is to accept illusion rather than reality to get through life. Their son’s new bride challenges every aspect of this belief.
Noel Coward is a renowned playwright the always can be relied upon to deliver, glamour, luxury settings, beautiful costumes and genuine entertainment.
Easy Virtue opens in the Basement Theatre on August 7th and runs every Sunday in August with two evening performances added to the usual Matinee format to give the play a longer run of six performances.  Bookings are available by ringing The Wagga School of Arts or on-line at or by clicking on the following link:

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