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2014 Productions5. Air Swimming

Opening Night – Airswimming

“Porph” and “Dorph” after the opening night of Airswimming.
The appreciative audience was treated to a classy and moving performance by Catherine Dawson (as Persphone,  “Porph”) and Grace Nicholson (as Dora, ” Dorph”), telling the story of two women on their journey of survival at a mental institution.
Based on a true story, Airswimming reflects the journey of two women, a Miss Kitson and a Miss Baker, who were incarcerated in a mental hospital for the criminally insane because they were women with human failings. They were released in 1974 having spent 49 years and 51 years respectively in the hospital.
Given the national awareness regarding mental health currently in the press and on TV, Airswimming presents another facet mental awareness issues and how they were dealt with in a process that was all to common in years gone by.
Airswimming will be on again Friday and Saturday 10, 11 October at 8 pm and Sunday 12 October at 3pm; then the following week Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 16, 17, 18 October at 8pm and Sunday 19 October at 3pm. Major sponsor for the production is the Mantra Pavilion Hotel. Book your tickets now at the Civic Theatre Booking Office or turn up on the night or get a group together to take advantage of the special group booking rates for 10 or more, available through the School of Arts office on 02 6921 2594.

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