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When : Sunday 6th March 3.00pm
Where: Basement Theatre
Tickets: $28 or $25 concession. For bookings and payment, contact SoACT office on 02 6921 2594 or go to our website at, or copy the following link to your browser:
Reception: The Musical is a celebration of administration inspired by true stories from behind the front desk. Set in a classical music academy, it tells the story of a receptionist named Bethany who finds joy in the manic world of customer service, stationery orders and thinking on her swivel chair.
Featuring 12 Green Room Award nominated original songs including My Name is Bethany (Not Stephanie), Do You Have Stickytape? and They Ring My Bell, this uplifting cabaret comedy is the office memo you don’t want to miss!
Reception: The Musical is highly accessible, relatable and entertaining. Bethany plays over 15 characters throughout the show and the musical styles range from Broadway to operetta, 80’s rock and rap. The show is suitable for all ages.
Written and performed by:  Bethany Simons and Peter de Jager

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