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2016 productionsApril in Paris

A comment, all the way from Canberra!

To, Actors, Director, and Behind the Scenes Helpers.
To You all,
Thank you for putting on that wonderful show Äpril in Paris”
Outstandingly good, and very funny, a total delight.
We have been to quite a number of SoACT’s producvtion since moving back to Wagga early this year and have thoroughly enjoyed them but A in P was exceptional.
I congratulate the 2 actors for not dropping their Yourkshire accents, they were obviously enhoying the whote thing, what amazing 23 memories they must have.
My husband and I loved it.  That cup of tea was good too.  We are definitely big fans and will see you again ASAP.
Congratulations actors you were wonderful.  Sorry I didn’t get your names.
Valerie and Stephen Smith
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