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Embrace 4 Bipolar, created in 2015 by a small but very passionate team from Wagga Wagga, raises funds for the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund (IPBRF), Australia’s inaugural Bipolar Disorder research fund. Funding received from the Embrace 4 Bipolar Web-a-thon Gala Dinner, held in August this year, will go towards creating a Bipolar and mental health support group for those living in Wagga and surrounding regions.

The IPBRF, founded in 2012, has created the ARH-IPBRF PhD Student’s Scholarships, which path the way for Australia’s inaugural team of leading Bipolar Disorder research doctors. Emma Gliddon was the first ARH-IPBRF PhD Scholarship winner in Australia and will qualify with the inaugural ‘Doctorate’ for Bipolar Research in 2016.

Brunslea Park will be donating $1,000 from each lot sold within the estate to the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund with the hope to fund 1 – 2 scholarships annually. General Manger of Brunslea Park, Samantha Brunskill, was diagnosed in 2010 with Bipolar Disorder, and has decided to share her story to promote awareness about Bipolar Disorder and the IPBRF to gain a further understanding, of the cause, and of effective and safe ways to manage it.

The Bipolar Disorder Research PhD Scholarship Program for Australia has been totally dependent on the many long hours and hard working efforts of the IPBRF founder and a small team of willing volunteers. This is why Brunslea Park has decided to provide a steady stream of income with a donation made from each lot sold in the estate.

Brunslea Park, and the Embrace 4 Bipolar team, hope to bring about national change through assisting the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund, and by creating a local support group for those in the area.

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