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Swim, Dorph, swim….”
Mantra Pavilion Hotel Wagga is the major sponsor of Airswimming with support from Kooringal Pharmacy and Independent Commodity Services. The production will be seen in the Basement Theatre for eight performances from October 9-19.
Director Diana Lovett has drawn together two actors, Catherine Dawson and Grace Nicholson, who are as enthusiastic and as insanely driven as she is….which is quite appropriate for this play.
Based on a true story, Airswimming reflects the journey of two women, a Miss Kitson and a Miss Baker, who were incarcerated into a mental hospital for the criminally insane because they were women with human ‘failings’. They faced the injustice of a society whose desire was to hide what it did not want to accept. A situation that was only too prevalent in the 1800’s and pre 1970’s.
These two women represent the many who fell prey to the embarrassment to which families succumbed. So what were their crimes? And did they deserve life sentences? They were released in 1972 having spent 49 years and 51 years respectively in St Dymphna’s Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
Catherine Dawson plays Persephene and her alter ego Porph, who is obsessed with Doris Day while Grace Nicholson plays Dora and her alter ego Dorph, who is a walking encyclopedia on military history.
Airswimming will have you laughing and crying as you reflect the injustices and the nightmares these women endure. Persephone and Dora will take you on their journey of survival.
Bookings can be made at the Civic Theatre   02 6926 9688
Group bookings (10+) at the Basement office 02 6922 2594

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