Pinter’s Betrayal brings touch of Drama to SoACT Season

betrayal photo shoot 5

A bold and exciting piece of theatre by Harold Pinter is the next production that will be staged by the Wagga Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre (SoACT).

Presented by Scobell’s Plumbing, Betrayal will be the only drama performed in the 2017 season by SoACT.

Betrayal is being directed by the well known and experienced director Fay Walters.

Fay has selected the following three actors for her cast… Kylie Gilmore, Ben Gilmore, and Craig Dixon.

The theme of the play is the age old eternal triangle of love and relationships. The script is a bold piece of theatre that describes the complex web of lies and deceit that are spun over a seven year extra marital affair. The outstanding feature of the play is Pinter’s use of reverse chronology to bring the story to life for the audience. The first scene takes place once the affair has ended whilst the final scene occurs before the affair has begun.

Pinter uses some comedy in this play to add to the reality of situations that could be pain filled, but often reversed over a game of Squash.

Betrayal opens on Friday 6th October and runs a six performance season ending on Sunday 15th October with a matinee.

Listen carefully, as I will say this only once… Sunday night special offer!!

Rene the Cafe owner, played by Patrick Kenny, is a man of great energy and zest as he works very hard to keep three women happy, both in the bedroom and in the workplace. His wife Edith, played by Jo Darby, of course is not aware of his dalliance with the two waitresses and still holds great hope that their love life will be re-ignited before the war ends. Presented by Mantra Pavilion Hotel, and Directed by Anna Swift, audiences can expect a total package of old fashioned entertainment.

Opening night was a sell-out with the audience receiving a high energy, cheeky performance that was well received by all who attended.

As a special offer to our online audience, we have a special for the Sunday night performances (13th and 20th of August) during the Month of Sunday’s performances: 2 Adult tickets for $40. That’s a saving of $10 for the two! Not available for the matinee performances. Ticket sales have already booked up fast prior to opening night, so get in soon and don’t miss out on the laugh-a-minute production of Allo Allo.

These tickets can be booked online at on the below link. However, if you need assistance, call the office on (02) 6921 2594 and mention the Sunday night deal.

‘Allo ‘Allo

‘Allo ‘Allo is coming! A theatrical presentation of the 80’s BBC series which ran for seven seasons over 10 years, is in rehearsal at the Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre Basement.


Directed by Anna Swift, ‘Allo ‘Allo has a cast of some very well known actors and some amazing new actors to make up the large cast of fourteen plus. Starring as Rene Artois the cafe owner is Patrick Kenny and his out of tune wife is played by Jo Darby. Other members of the cast are Pennie Scott, Fiona Summerell, Tony Trench, Silas Darby, Joel Hardy, Adrian Hallam, Don Dyce, Harry Oldacre, Mel Donges, Saasha McMillan, Leigh Ladd, and Russell Vine.

‘Allo ‘Allo offer an ocean of laughs, has sharp comedy and takes the Mickey out of everybody – The French, the Germans, the British there is no favouritism.

The play is threaded with World War two histrionics which sit alongside Rene’s misbehaviour, as he plots to keep his affairs with his waitress’s secret from his wife Edith, who regularly sings in the cafe. These affairs are more humorous because Rene is not stereotypically attractive, is not considered a hero, and is often forced (against his will) by his wife to undertake missions and secret operations for French Resistance..

The main plan of the Resistance is to get the two airmen hidden in the cafe back to Britain. Every crazy attempt fails. The visual gags, the cross dressing, and the fast pace of the comedy ensures total fun and eye watering laughter.

Bookings are now open and the season runs Sundays in August in the Basement Theatre. Book online at or call the office on 02 6921 2594

‘Allo ‘Allo

Wagga School of Arts SoACT, have pulled the curtain down on a very successful Ten X 10 PlayFest and are now concentrating on their next production, ‘Allo ‘Allo ! By David Croft and Jeremy LLoyd.

This side splitting comedy is scheduled into the Month of Sundays in August and is sponsored by Mantra Pavilion Wagga. The auditions were very successful and director Anna Swift is delighted with her cast of both very experienced actors, and some newcomers to the stage.

Leading the cast of experienced actors is Jo Darby, well known for her role as Shirley Valentine, and last year April in Paris and more recently “No Holds Bard”. Joining Jo as Rene ’is Patrick Kenny also a well known face to Wagga audiences. ‘Allo ‘Allo brings to life the activities in a humble French Cafe in worn torn France. Bookings are now open.

Contact the SoACT office on 02 6921 2594 for details

Ten by 10 Playfest 2017 – Daily Dilemmas

Performance dates:
Friday 16th and Saturday 17th at 7.30pm and Sunday 18th June Matinee at 2.00pm all at the Commercial Club .
Adults $25,
Concessions $20
University Students $15
School Students $10
Groups of 10 or more $15
Bookings at the Wagga Commercial Club 02 6921 3012
The Running Order of plays is as follows:
1. Exceptional Expectations – by Gwen Andrews
Director Fay Walters
2. The Checkout by Pete Malicki
Director Tamika – Jade Boyd
3. Ten Minutes on a Train Platform by Felix Carlyle
Director Tracey Lonergan with cast from Children’s Theatre Workshop
4. Press Pray – Seth Freeman
Director Chrissy Bolton
5. The Presentation – Brain Hayden
Director Margaret Bannister
6. Fear and Trembling – Peter Tucker
Director Craig Dixon
7 What Did I Say? – Diana Lovett
Director Diana Lovett
8 Mister Hipster Meets the Barista – Warren Glover
Director Robyn Horwell
9 Grace – Alex Broun
Director Tony Trench – Caroline Dalleh has come back to act in this production
10 Getting Done Over – Faith De Savigne
Director Saasha Mc Millan



2017 Ten by 10 – Daily Dilemmas

Very successful auditions for the Riverina Water Ten X 10 Play Fest presented by the Wagga School of Arts were held on Saturday last. The ten directors involved were delighted with the actors available to be cast and now the rehearsal period can commence in full swing.

The festival featuring ten 10 minute plays, will be staged at the Nathan Room of the Wagga Commercial Club on June 16,17, and 18. This is the ninth year of this popular short play festival. A total of 57 entries were received from more than 20 playwrights, with three assessors whittling them down to a final ten selections.

This year’s plays cover a variety of themes and characters, and promise plenty of entertainment for audiences.  Under the theme of Daily Dilemmas, the plays include the problems of house renovations, bad behaviour at a garden club meeting, do men or women bet better roles in theatre, prayer in an automat call centre style. How does a checkout operator think about her job? Unexpected twists in the daily order of a coffee; who are the three extraordinary women seen away from the spotlight?

Directors and actors are now bringing these and other scripts to life so audiences can look forward to a varied night of theatre at the 2017 Ten x 10 PlayFest.

Bookings open on 29th May at the Wagga Commercial Club 10 am to 4 pm weekdays.

For further information contact Fay Walters 0418 681 150 or the SoACT office on 02 6921 2594

Death By Design


As a one off special the Wagga School of Arts is offering a very special promotion deal for their current production Death by Design, which opens Thursday 23rd March at 7.30 pm in the Basement Theatre.

This Exclusive offer to theatre goers is a package put together for the Friday 24th March 7.30 performance only.

The Special Package offers patrons an opportunity to buy one adult ticket and obtain the second ticket FREE. It also enables the purchaser to go in a draw for a complimentary double pass for the Entire Theatre season of 2017, which includes, Ten X 10 Play Fest, ‘Allo ‘Allo, and a Flea in Her Ear. A wonderful collection of great theatre. This offer goes to the first thirty people who ring the School of Arts office on 6921 2594 and book their seat.

Death by Design by Rob Urbinati is a comedy murder with a stunning cast of actors that will keep the audience both amused and intrigued. Directed by Kylie Gilmore, the play has flair in presentation and absolute stunning set design reflecting the period of the Art Deco era.

Auditions for ‘Allo ‘Allo

Listen very carefully….    Auditions for ‘Allo ‘Allo

We are looking for a large cast to perform in the British farce Allo Allo to be staged in August 2017.

Atrocious French, German and British accents are mandatory !  The auditions will be held over two weekends, booking is essential. A copy of the script will be available for you to prepare a selection of parts.

The cast, from major to minor parts are:

The French

Rene – A French café owner

Edith – his wife, who sings very bad cabaret

Michelle – an agent of the French resistance

Yvette – a sexy waitress

Mimi – a short sexy waitress

The Germans/Italians                                                                          The British

Helga – German, officer                                  Crabtree – disguised as French Gendarme

Herr Flick of the Gestapo                                1st Airman

Leclerc – a French forger                               2nd Airman

German Colonel – balding, older chap

Italian Captain – charming

Lieutenant Gruber of the German army

Auditions will be :

Saturday 18th March 1pm -5 pm Sunday 19th 1 -5 pm Bookings essential to make a time.

Venue:  At the Commercial Club Balcony meet and greet auditions in Meeting room.

Please phone or email SOACT for an audition time. Phone: 02 6921 2594


Contact Anna on 0418488100 for further information