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2. April 2015


This classic Australian play by Ray Lawler, recreates the idyllic summers of the past, highlighting the struggles of love and life for seasonal workers Roo and Barney, played by Tim Stait and Logan Franklin. Summer of the Seventeenth Doll was among the first naturalistic Australian plays performed some 60 years ago. The School of Arts production is being reverent about all facets of the original script, set costumes, and authenticity of the script.To give this authenticity a hands on approach Olive (Kristil–Rae Mobbs) and Pearl (Anna Swift) were taken to the Riverina Hotel to have some input from the owner Stephen Lawler. They had to work behind the bar, serve some drinks, whilst the remainder of the clients and cast watched with bated breath for their beers and checked the heads on each glass.
bw Anna Tim Logan Tim barAnna, Kristil-Rae, Tim and Logan

Ray Lawler, the author of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, would appreciate that the Riverina Hotel has a very strong resemblance to a 1950’s Carlton Hotel, however the icing on the cake is the name of the proprietor is Stephen Lawler who as it turns out, is a second cousin to the playwright.Stephen Lawler Sharon HornerStephen Lawler and Sharon
The Anzac Day performance scheduled for Saturday 25th April has been cancelled in respect of the special  centenary of Anzac Day. This performance has been replaced by a special Matinee on Saturday 18th April at 3 pm. This Matinee offers patrons a one off special deal where you can buy one adult ticket and get 50% off your second ticket purchase.
The other performances Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th at 7.30pm and Sunday 19th at 3 pm. The second week run is Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th at 7.30pm and Sunday 26th at 3.00pm.
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