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The answer to this question could be that all the empty-nesters can discover romance all over again.  Get themselves a romantic getaway for a few days and have a lot of fun finding out who they really are.
The Wagga School of Arts Production, “The Kids Left. The Dog Died. Now What?” uncovers the questions that arise when couples find they are faced with an empty house, retirement, ageing, the struggle to remain attractive to the opposite sex and the overall risks and uncertainties of being alive in a modern world of technology.
Sunday 14th February is the next performance and seats are going fast.  If you wish to take your partner out for a Valentines treat, buy two tickets, drink champagne and enjoy afternoon tea after the show and make if a celebration.
The first performance of the production “The Kids Left. The Dog Died. Now What?” had a capacity audience who left with great comments of praise for the cast and the overall production.  Also they stated they could so readily relate to the story of all the situations presented.  A comment of one audience member on leaving the show….”A great fun day, of laughs and enjoyment not to mention the free champers and afternoon tea”.
As bookings are moving fast it is recommended that you ring and book your seats for the remaining three shows.  Call the SoACT office 02 6921 2594 or book on line at the SoACT website (

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